Why Invest with Wells Asset Management

If we sound a little fed up with the “establishment”…you’re right. And if you are too, we should talk. You don’t have to be wealthy to invest with us. We believe we have many of our clients that are enjoying the comfortable lives we’ve helped them plan for, you really just have to want to sleep comfortably at night knowing your investments are being well cared for and that you’re on the right path.

At Wells, we manage your account on a discretionary basis, which simply means that we don’t have to bother you every time we feel a change in investments is warranted. That’s one of the benefits of working directly with a Portfolio Manager. Our exclusive family of income funds, Wells Plus 6ix Funds, is available only to you. At the outset of our relationship, we’ll develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) with you that clearly outlines what we are trying to achieve for you and how we are going to achieve it. This IPS governs every aspect of our decision-making and is a living document that changes as your life situation changes. We manage your money, like we manage our own. In fact, much of our personal and family wealth is managed within the Wells funds, so our interests are very much aligned with yours. We want to sleep comfortably at night, too.

If, like many of our clients, you’re tired of and confused by, what is often seen as a “cookie-cutter,” high fee, unnecessarily complicated approach to asset management taken by traditional financial institutions, then you might prefer exploring a more straightforward, understandable process and solution to meet your financial objectives.

As Wells CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Dale Wells, is often heard saying, “Managing money isn’t simple…but it doesn’t have to be complicated.”

Would you like to unBANK Your Financial Future™?