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We offer straightforward, understandable processes and solutions to meet your financial objectives.

Why Invest With Us?

If we sound a little fed up with the “establishment”… you’re right. And if you are too, we should talk.

Wells Plus 6ix Rebel Freedom Fund

This Fund is directed at investors seeking to save for retirement or in retirement that desire modest, regular, steady income.


The Wells mission is to be the discretionary portfolio manager, investment fund manager, and exempt market dealer, that Canadians turn to when they’re fed up with big government, big banks, commission driven advisors, big fees, too much complexity, and an overall investment landscape that just doesn’t seem to favour them. We will act independently and provide quality investments to all of our valued clients, and act in their best interests at all times. We will utilize an alternative approach to investment fund and portfolio management with the goal of producing targeted income with reduced volatility and low correlation to most traditional asset classes.

Why We Don’t Invest Traditionally

If we sound a little fed up with the “establishment”…you’re right. And if you are too…we should talk.

Would you like to unBANK Your Financial Future™?

Wells Plus 6ix Multi Strategy Fund

The investment objective of the Wells Plus 6ix Multi Strategy fund (the Fund) is to generate a high level of interest income with minimal volatility and low correlation to most traditional asset classes.

Wells Rebel Freedom Fund

Invests in projects and opportunities that are, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, associated with Rebel Media Holdings Inc. (Rebel Media). A socially impactful investment mandate.

Watch for New Funds

Coming soon! Please contact your Portfolio Manager for more information.

Wells Advantage

unBank Your Financial Future™
Our strongest advantage is our commitment to you. We have considerable experience in assessing specifically chosen alternative asset classes and investment strategies, and your personal Wells portfolio manager is able to provide critical guidance to help you achieve your investing objectives in economically uncertain times.

Our Clients

Our clients include young families just starting out, with modest to high family incomes, small to medium sized business owners, and successful retiree’s with a desire for predictable income in their later years. We’re here to help you build an investment portfolio that we can all be proud of. Our clients are every-day, hardworking, proud Canadians. Like you, they want an alternative to what they see as confusion and complexity in their financial futures. We feel that they really appreciate dealing directly with a Portfolio Manager, and not a commission-driven Investment Advisor that is part of a huge, publicly-traded, financial institution where shareholder performance (which means they have to make as much money as possible in fees) is the bottom line.